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Full Web Development. The Heart Of Your Digital Marketing

Modern website design is the discipline of developing a site to be fully mobile responsive, load quickly on phone data or WiFi, have strong user experience and have the potential to rank well. For most businesses a website sits at the heart of their digital marketing campaign with SEO works & outreach work completed to push traffic to your site.

The Search4Local team is made up of the most skilled front end developers & software specialists in North Devon. We focus on navigation to ensure pages and content are easy to locate. Visual design relating to branding, content, typography, colour scheme, sitemaps and crawlability are all elements  to consider when building sites.

What differentiates us from other web design agencies is our commitment to customer service along with exceedingly competitive prices. We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients and operate an open door policy. Throughout the build you are more than welcome to come in for consultations, to review the project and suggest changes or edits.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

SSL Certificates, Website Security & User Safety

Cyber security and internet safety is very important to us. Regardless of the type of website, functionality, whether it’s E-commerce or not, we include fast and secure hosting for all websites we create. Fast websites are better for user experience and SEO. Along with being very quick, our hosting hold HTTPS and SSL status. Proving an encrypted connection between user and server.

Modern web users are quick to spot websites that lack necessary and recommended security. Some mobile data providers & search engines go to length of trying to actively discourage users from using websites without adequate security in place.

Developed For Mobile First

The majority of web searches are now performed on mobile and tablet devices, a total of 52% of global traffic is on mobile. This is one of the main reasons why Search4Local design all our sites to be fully compatible the most popular smartphones and tablets used by your specific industries target market.

WordPress & XML Sitemaps

Our expert team of developers build websites using WordPress as the primary CMS. WordPress is one of the most popular website builder programs available, responsible for powering 35% of the web.

WordPress uses sophisticated plugins to maximise security, create a responsive & immersive designs and simplify the process of optimising the website for search engine algorithms. Our designers have complete creative control over the appearance of the website. Using HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript to develop a website that complements your brand and business.

Complete Website Design services for local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Web design helps digital marketing by giving you an area to market your products to your customers and create a clear line of communication. For the most part, the primary objective of digital marketing is to increase brand awareness and transform a greater number of users into sales.

User experience (UX) is the evaluation of the level of enjoyment received from using a website. There are many contributing factors to consider including design, ease of use, expected areas for certain information to exist, speed, safety & available features. UX directly effects how a site performs.

E-commerce websites allow businesses to sell products and services directly. We offer bespoke E-commerce platforms for all industries at exceptionally good value for money. Our platforms are designed to offer maximum security and enjoyment for both business and customer.

Website Design Prices & Further Details

If you are considering a website for your business and would like further details, please get in touch with one of our team members. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide a free quote.