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Social media marketing, especially Facebook sponsored adverts, is an exceptionally effective digital marketing strategy thanks to the largely visual nature. Facebook advertising helps small to medium sized businesses find new customers, increase their brand awareness and connect in a fast and interactive way that simply was not possible before.

Search4Local create and manage high performing social media marketing campaigns on Facebook for a range of industries in North Devon. We are a full service digital marketing agency with an in house team of social media marketeers and Facebook advertising experts. United, we find unique ways to deliver your message to your target market.

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Social Media Marketing's Largest Advertising Tool: Facebook Business Manager

Businesses choose to market on social channels for a multitude of reasons. Some may choose this service to increase their brand awareness by gaining more likes, others could promote new products, services, identify and find new potential customers or target a new geographical location. Adverts can be used to support the opening of a new premises, promote a series of events or gather support for a cause by gathering data.

Question is with so many platforms, advertising opportunities and search engines, why do so many businesses opt for social adverts?

There are three leading reasons. Cost, niche targeting and speed.

The cost of social advertising tends to be a bit less per click than Google. This is due to the audience reach. Statistically more traffic goes through search engines then social channels. However, ads can be created to only appear at certain times, ensuring your ad appears when busiest.

Profile information, likes and content that a given user interacts with places anyone’s profile into a group. The more a user interacts with content, the more algorithms learn about what content they interact with. This allows marketeers to target very specific niche groups specifically defining interests, locations, age and so on.

Facebook Sponsored Adverts Options

The platform offers a variety of interactive and striking designs in relation to appearance crossed with functionality. Ads support a variety of usability including images, videos, carousels and questionnaires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple platforms you may wish to advertise on. The more you create the more work is needed, so we feel you’re better to work hard doing fewer platforms well, rather than all platforms half heartedly. It’s worth considering that each platform has it’s dedicated followers with individual age brackets. Facebook is by far the largest with a massive one and a half billion active users. That’s 19% of the worlds population.

Cost varies depending on your target audience, location, type of advert and whether customer journey. For example, an advert that is designed to move a user to a different website rather then convert on the platform is likely to cost more per conversion.

Facebook ads can help your business increase its sales because it is the most popular social network with a massive UK wide user base. It offers access to a local and national audience which you can target with your advertising message and use to drive traffic to your web page.

Social Media Marketing & Facebook Sponsored Adverts

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