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SEO is a strategy within digital marketing. Search engine optimisation is multifaceted, with technicians dividing their time between on page & off page work. This skill requires a deep and thorough understanding of algorithms, website structure, user experience VS expectations, website audits, copywriting, keyword research, link building and CMS systems to name just a few.

A continually evolving industry, our professional SEO technicians keep their ears to the ground to ensure we learn the latest tips & tricks to improve our clients website rankings in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Search4Local are a comprehensive digital marketing agency offering leading SEO work to businesses in North Devon. Our SEO strategies are custom designed specifically for each of our clients. Some websites may require more work in the link building department, others may lack keyword specific content or have a might need 404 pages addressed and 301 redirects.

We consistently monitor and analyse our clients sites and apply our expertise to maximise your return on investment. Improving your organic ranking, attracting better quality traffic and increasing leads.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Specific Keyword Research & Content Targeting

Targeting the right keywords, longtail keywords and semantic expressions is very important. Keywords research is done to find to find out how users find the products and services you offer. Think of it as using a search engine in reverse. Our SEO technicians cross reference keyword suggestions and data through a number of leading & trusted research tools, ensuring we use the most accurate data when creating your campaign. Keywords are used in our on page content writing, anchor words for link building, slug optimisation, meta, alt text and directories to name just a few.

Strategic On & Off Page Tactics

Numerous studies have been done to determine if either on page or off page SEO is more important. The truth is they are equally important as one another. On page considers everything on a particular page, or better still, your entire site. Off page SEO is everything not on your website, such as directory listings, citations and off page content.

Our SEO strategies use effective on page and off page techniques, depending on your the requirements of your site after extensive audits.

Backlinks, Link Building & Google Analytics For Analysing Traffic

Backlinks contribute to determining domain authority. Link building is the process of gaining new links from high authority and relevant locations.  We identify relevant locations and create opportunities to link your website to sites of high authority.

To measure organic traffic, source, locations and performance, Google analytics gives digital marketeers the ability to view and compare key performance indicators, enabling us to show you growth.

Strategic SEO campaign management for North Devon businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a multitude of ways of monitoring progress with an SEO strategy. Using incognito tabs is a good place to start. This removes cached data and your location from searches, allowing you to manually check results. We use Google analytics and search console to monitor traffic, users, page views, time spent on site, click through rate and SERPs.

Website speed and responsiveness is an important ranking factor. This has become even more apparent since Google’s algorithms received a speed update. Alarmingly, research has shown that the majority of users leave a site if it doesn’t load completely within four seconds.

Link building is the process of gaining links from relevant sites which have a high authority. This in turn increases the trust of your website and improves the quality and intention of your sites traffic. Link building is important as it improves trust that search engines have of your site.

Effective SEO Strategies At Competitive Prices

If you feel your business would benefit from an SEO campaign and would like to discuss our services in further details, please call us on 01271 603085.